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Powerhouse Books
Engels - Hardcover | 2010

Grappig boek over mensen op straat die of aan hun haar zitten, of die rennen.... Meer
New Riders
Engels - Ebook | 2009

A beacon of creativity with boundless energy, Chase Jarvis is well known as a visionary photographer, director, and social artist. In The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You, Chase reimagines, examines, and redefines the intersection of art and popular culture through images shot with his iP... Meer

Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Wendy McMurdo is one of the UK’s leading lens-based artists who has evolved a singular photographic practice and iconography that explores the role digital technologies play in the construction of identity, particularly in relation to the psychological world of children and young people. The artis... Meer
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Visionary make-up artist Alex Box and prolific photographer Rankin have collaborated to produce this book, with 40 colour portraits of models sporting Box's work.... Meer
Engels - Paperback | 2009

As visual creatives, graphic designers are well informed about photography. They often carry around a camera, but rarely share the same concerns as professional photographers. As a result, the photographs they produce are distinctly unconventional and often appear in their design work - in fact, a g... Meer
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

'Asian Dub Photography' presents the works of twenty-one of Asia's most important contemporary artists who have made their mark on the international contemporary art scene in the fields of photography, video, and film. It is the first step in the creation of a new collection of contemporary photogra... Meer
Little, Brown Book Group
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Norman Rockwell: Behind the Camera is the first book to explore the meticulously composed and richly detailed photographs that Norman Rockwell used to create his famous artworks. Working alongside skilled photographers, Rockwell acted as director, carefully orchestrating models, selecting props, and... Meer
Engels - Paperback | 2009

"I put my Leica in a cupboard. Enough of lying in wait, pursuing, sometimes catching the essence of the black and the white, the knowledge where God is. I make films. Now I speak to the people in my viewfinder." (Robert Frank)

Robert Frank turned to filmmaking at the end of the 1950s.... Meer
Chris Boot
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Mickey Mouse with brightly colored saints, Nike logos with Day of the Dead skulls, and Coca-Cola with cacti--here acclaimed British photographer Martin Parr focuses on Mexico's eclectic and colorful culture.... Meer
Dokument Forlag
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

... Meer
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